Today You’re able to observe an outstanding diversity of progress in construction methods, compared to that which this was 20 years back. Inside this way, some processes are practiced that have attained any fame, called modular construction.

A few Experts within the area, such as for instance Grupo Martín Calais, create this contemporary system directed at pre-fabrication, which departs from conventional structure. Furthermore, they are committed to your international vision with this livelihood, searching this allows generating added significance, evidencing with their unique inventions, that provide solution to fresh skills experts in Construction bungalow(bungalow de chantier).

Grupo Martin Calais offers the most suitable modular solutions to fulfill your temporary desires, devoted to this modular structure approach, because preceding rationalizing structure and its own performance, the question is always to lower interventions on the web site and therefore tremendously increasing the effect around the ecological footprint and annoyance in the evolution site.

Additionally, it Is worth mentioning that another advantage of this option is the fact that it has an inclination to prefabrication from 65 percent to 70 percent of their arrangement, that lets shortening construction instances by around 50%. This is really a great gain for the brief period that the functions will likely be ready compared to some conventional structure website.

First, they Additionally provide modern selections such as construction bungalow (bungalow de chantier) with first group finishes and gambling on ecology. They have an existence in Normandy with an agency for-rent, where 2,000 m² are covered, and their own fleet with greater than 4,000 yards of rotation as a way to accommodate for the needs of customers.
Even the Sentry box (guérite), is another of its specialties along with achievements of targets at a limited while, thanks to its team of 25 persons, with trades in, plumbing, painting, electricity, carpentry and tackling, are a number of the elements that It creates them the greatest at the region, providing a certainty to its customers concerning reducing costs, quick assembly and a environmental alternative, using this particular structure alternative, escape from the original and try some thing else.